Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drawing conclusions

I've spent a lot of time drawing lately.

Last night I was drawing an onion. The other day it was my hand, closely followed by a large director's chair on a table.

What this has to do with gardening I'm not quite sure - but all I know is it's great to be the one nicking the pencil sharpener out of the kids' art box for a change.

It's all to do with the Drawing and Graphics course I've now started at Capel Manor. Lovely teacher, great fellow students (all of whom are well into gardening so I now have lots of new friends to discuss the pros and cons of coppicing eucalyptus with), and I'm learning a great deal about negative space, tonal drawing and the value of a 4B pencil.

Can't quite see the connection between director's chairs and garden design yet - but am willing to suspend my disbelief for the luxury of being given permission to draw pretty pictures and call it work.


VP said...

We have to do the same for the KLC course. I too thought eh? at first, but it's made me realise that by drawing something you really have to look and think about the object. I often find details and completely miss with a photograph of the same subject.

VP said...

Of course that should read 'I completely miss'.

I'm so glad you're enjoying your course. I've decided to do the RHS certificate aspect of the KLC course at my local college in September. I want the cameraderie that came over so well in your post.

Thanks for linking to me too :)

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