Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's showtime!

I'm seeing life on the other side of the garden show stand this weekend - I'm actually an Official Exhibitor for the first time ever!

Here's a rather gratuitous pic of my pass to prove it:

As I've never done anything like this before it's probably more exciting than it ought to be but I don't care, I'm really enjoying myself. It's at the Loseley House Great Gardening Show, which is an annual event that's become a local fixture round here - though I must admit it hasn't been as packed as in previous years, no doubt something to do with the impending recession.

Anyway, this is all thanks to my rather talented hubby who's just jacked in his job and turned a 20-year hobby into a business, making all sorts of garden carpentry (shameless plug for business via his website here). He booked a stand some months ago - it started out as a stand for a wendy house but then he got into all sorts of other things woody as well so we've got quite an eclectic mix. And a few plants of course - I schlepped off to my local nursery, Spring Reach (another shameless plug there) to scrounge some pretty roses and rather nifty standard-trained cotoneasters on last-minute loan to tart the whole thing up a bit. Business has been pretty good so far, and we've still got a day to go - hopefully will get around to a few proper pictures tomorrow.


ONNO said...

Good luck at the show. I'm sure you'll be brilliant. I remember my first show titled 'working media.' I'm still tickled that I'm considered media. Not only that, you'll meet all sorts of interesting people.

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Victoria said...

I didn't read this post until today, otherwise we'd have come to say hello. We were at Losely for the gardening show on Saturday morning. Hope you didn't find it too windy!

VP said...

Gosh, it's all change over at your place isn't it? I hope all goes well for your hubby as well as your new venture!

The Constant Gardener said...

aw thanks all. Sorry I didn't see you Victoria, would most certainly have collared you otherwise!

and VP yes you're right, we're both in a bit of shell-shock at the moment. Hubby is worrying himself silly (doesn't need to, he's already got work through till December) and I've just finished throwing my relatively settled routine into the air to accommodate the new job.

Since I started today, I can probably tell you - I'm working for The Garden a couple of days a week (the RHS magazine). Am entirely delighted, though a bit daunted too as I'll have Real Experts reading what I write and no doubt picking holes in it mercilessly. But I'm trying not to think about that too much....!

VP said...

That is just brilliant! I'll look out for you every month...

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