Thursday, October 16, 2008

October flowers

Yes, I know - I'm late. But I couldn't miss it altogether - this is my excuse to have a good long and appreciative look at my garden. I don't often get a chance to ignore the weeds and celebrate the good stuff, so though I may be a day late, I'm still going to join in with Carol at May Dreams Gardens and her Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. So there!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous slideshow of blooms! I really love your Heliotrope,such a wonderful fragrance. Better late than never.


Karen Hall said...

Still lots of colour in your garden.
The light in these photos is lovely.
Seeing your nicotiana Lime Green, has reminded me that I haven't got any - I do like them. Nice slide show.
PS I'v moved (blog address that is)

Bonnie said...

Beautiful colors- they seem so much more vibrant in the fall light than in the summer.

The Constant Gardener said...

thank you :D

I so agree with you Bonnie - I think that's why so much at this time of year is red and orange and yellow... they just glow in that low autumn sunshine.

VP said...

Lovely slideshow - I do find them so restful to watch.

I've found it surprising just how much colour's still left in the garden and the light to photograph them all has just been fantastic.

Carol said...

Great slide show, showing lots of good blooms still in your garden. Thanks for joining in.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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