Monday, November 10, 2008

Last chance to see...

I was wandering through the woods walking the dog, grinning foolishly to myself while kicking the mounting piles of autumn leaves with every step (do you ever grow out of that, I wonder?). Then I happened to look up at the sky and saw that though it's not even mid-November yet, the branches are already bare against the blue.

It's been a fabulous autumn - something to do with the early frost and wet weather I believe - but all too short-lived. So I ran out with my camera as soon as I got back to take a few pics before it all disappears.

The view up through the mixed native trees that line the border of my garden: all that greenery just becomes goldery at this time of year.

The Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis' outside my bedroom window is one I've raved about before - it's been spectacular this year, real fireworks every morning when I draw the curtains.

I planted this Hydrangea quercifolia a couple of years ago and it's becoming well-established now. I bought it for the shape of its leaves, but look at that brooding purple colour, too.

The beech hedge is joining in with waves of deep purple spreading through the green.

A couple of years ago an enterprising neighbour harangued the local council, who had just killed all the trees on our green by strimming them too enthusiastically, for some replacements. Being a professional tree man, the replacements he requested resembled a wish-list for an arboretum. We now have the best selection of trees for miles. This one is a fabulously vivid maple, one of several now giving us a fantastic display outside our front doors.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Just beautiful T.C./ LOL Tyra

garden girl said...

beautiful fall foliage!

Plant Mad Nige said...

Have you noticed that when you are out with a camera - rather than just gardening, or walking or whatever - you look at everything in a completely different way? One is more consciously looking for shots, I suppose.

I love the way you've caught the subtle colour developments - this autumn has been fantastic for that. A slow unfolding, rather than the fire and flash we've experienced in hotter, drier years. I especially love your Hydrangea quercifolia - wonderful purples and bronzes.

The Constant Gardener said...

thanks all for your kind words :D

Nigel - I so agree about the photography. That's why I love to take photos - it gets you looking closely at your garden (and other plants) as you never would otherwise. Thank goodness for digital though - I'm not much of a photographer really, words are more my thing, so I get a lot of dross before I produce anything halfway presentable!

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