Thursday, February 04, 2010

Butterflies at Wisley 2010

Not quite as many to see this year as it's been so cold - we're planning to return in a few weeks when it's a bit milder - but still enough for some magical moments.


elizabethm said...

Wow, absolutely fabulous. And I love your blog about the apple tree too - so very likely to happen to me!
I have been blogging about why I garden and would be fascinated to know why you do. We should stick together, we obsessives!

Claire said...

Fantastic photos, mine came out very disappointing, - had to wait 20 mins for my lens to defog, then should have used more flash, which I got for Christmas and havn't learnt to use properly yet!

The Constant Gardener said...

Thanks Elizabeth! And Claire - my lens also misted up right away but I'm afraid I just scrubbed at it with a bit of my t-shirt. You can tell why I'm not a pro, can't you. I find all those people with Very Big Lenses hanging around a little scary to be honest - they have wildlife photographers' meet-ups at Wisley every year when the butterflies are there. Bet they don't wipe their lenses with t-shirts.

Bubbles said...

Fantastic, well done oOo x

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