Thursday, April 08, 2010

A little update

You may, or no doubt may not remember that I went shopping in January and cleared out the entire stock of past-sellby-date bulbs at my local garden centre.

So I thought it's high time I let you know how they all performed. And besides it's a good excuse to post some pretty spring flower photos.

Pot 1: Chionodoxa luciliae followed by Oxalis adenophylla

No sign of the Oxalis yet but I'm sure they'll make their presence felt shortly.

Pot 2: Puschkinia scilloides libanotica and Narcissus lobularis

Happily overlapping, and I have lost my heart to N. lobularis: such utterly heartbreaking delicacy.

Pot 3: Chionodoxa again, mixed colours this time, followed by Anemone blanda

The first colour mix I've ever actually liked!

Pot 4: Crocus chrysanthus var. fuscotinctus followed by Scilla siberica with a final flourish from mixed Ixia

The crocus flowered through March: wonderful they were too, and the Scilla were just budding up as they faded. What a combination, and I've got the Ixia to look forward to still.

And pot 5: Anemone coronaria 'St Brigid' possibly but not probably overlapping with Tulipa 'Rococo'

No overlapping going on just yet, but I'm so excited about these. And who could fail to be with such intriguingly wierd buds unfurling before your eyes.

By way of conclusion: they've all flowered at the end of the stated flowering times (i.e. if it said on the label "Flowers from Feb-April" they started in April) - but they've all, amazingly, flowered.

This is so what I'm going to do next year as well. I do love a good bargain!


garden girl said...

Excellent bargain hunting! How wonderful to see your smart shopping has paid off with those beautiful blooms.

elizabethm said...

Aren't they beautiful? I love the scilla, well I love them all. Most of my bulbs planted out in October and November are only just flowering now, cold winter I suppose, so you seem to have lost very little time.

NataljaOblonskaja said...

I saw that you been to Borneo, we too. We came home last week, and it was wonderful. But we missed Rafflesian, I´m sorry about that.

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