Friday, November 26, 2010

The Friday photo

It has been snowing. In November.

Not much, especially if you're reading this in Scotland or Northumbria - but enough to make footprints in the road and spangle the cobwebs in the hedgerows with suspended spray.

This is continuing for the next ten days, so they say: and it's the first time since 1993 it's snowed this early. At this rate we will lose all concept of what a 'normal' winter might be: can you remember the last one?


Su said...

We've not had any snow at all here yet, but the pond has stayed frozen all day and it's bitterly cold.


VP said...

I'm sure we've had earlier than since then, though I do remember the early snow in 1993. I was doing a belated MSc and shared a house in Cardiff. We ran out into the road and laughed like mad things.

I am worried about getting to GMG on time next week though - it's meant to snow on Wednesday!

La Petite Gallery said...

yes, snow is coming to Maine too. I bet we get a lot this year, the snow plow is $35 a pop. I am getting ready for an expensive winter.


The Constant Gardener said...

Su - haven't seen our pond since Friday morning... and it was frozen a couple of days before that. The saucepan of boiling water is going to be pressed into service soon...

VP - am also trekking up to London on Wednesday so if we both get stuck on the side of some godforsaken snowswept track somewhere I'll come and commiserate.

and LPG I always wondered how they cleared the snow across such huge areas! here the snowplough is free but the snag is they don't send it to any but the major roads...

and by the way never mind gentle smatterings - we had about 3" of snow last night and the whole place looks like a Christmas card now :D

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