Monday, March 28, 2011

A new addition to the family

Regular readers will remember that last year we very sadly lost our beloved Allotment Dog, rather suddenly. Well: we've had a dog-shaped hole in our family ever since, so a few weeks ago we decided to put that right. Meet Allotment Dog Junior.

He's taking his gardening responsibilities very seriously so far: he's been planting peas (or rather, rearranging their planting after I'd already planted them, but then he is a bit of a perfectionist about these things).

He's also a whizz at digging planting holes, although he tends to fall into them as his legs are rather short, and has already done some pond gardening, possibly unintentionally as I think he was taking rather too close an interest in the goldfish at the time and suddenly found himself with his head in the waterlily pot. Since I had to fish him out I'm not sure that particular branch of gardening will be a favourite.

I'm afraid I can't agree with Nigel and sundry anti-dog gardeners (apart from the bit about dog owners not clearing up after themselves): I love having a dog in the garden again. I have a constant companion on my rounds and a faithful shadow to share my triumphs and disasters with (he even looks interested, and what's more he won't tell anyone else). And, no matter what I do, he likes me. Now you can't say that of a cat.


Su said...

He is adorable, those eyes look sooooo innocent!

JD said...

I'm a cat woman but even so I think he is absolutely gorgeous.

Arabella Sock said...

Oops that was me (JD above) logged in to wrong account - so confusing!

Artist's Garden said...

Ahh bless.

I still have a dog shaped hole in my life ... so I am often tempted by cute puppies .... Allotment Jnr. is adorable.
PS - It is the fact that dogs are always so happy to see you that I still miss

Ms B said...

I am sure you will be very very happy digging holes together!

Victoria said...

What a dear little face (and I'm a cat woman too).

The Constant Gardener said...

thank you all for your lovely comments - I am very chuffed on Junior's behalf at such high praise, it's not often you win over those hard-to-please cat-lovers!

(actually I am also a cat-lover myself and own three of them: but I just can't do without a dog ;D).

Karen: go fill that dog-shaped hole. You know you want to. And it will do your soul good: this little chap has certainly brought a long-missed light and joy back into our family.

elizabethm said...

I have a dog shaped hole too and an anti dog husband. Negotiations continue into their ninth year.

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