Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hasta la vista, ratties

This is a cob on my sweetcorn the day before I got my two feral cats to keep down the rats and mice:

Sweetcorn is an irresistible favourite of all things verminous, and I've never yet managed to get any to maturity, even though I still plant it (more in hope than expectation). It always, always ends up like this - scoffed by either rats or mice, or both, before it even gets ripe.

Now this is how the rest of my sweetcorn looks, a couple of weeks after the cats were let out of the shed:

Oh, my... I am too excited for words. I think I may be about to harvest my first-ever home-grown sweetcorn cob after four years of growing the stuff.

I think it can be said that the cat as mousetrap experiment has worked. Outstandingly well.

(the cats are having a great time too... :D)


VP said...

That's very nice looking sweetcorn.

As you know, the badgers have eaten and trampled mine. Sigh.

No sign of a Panther yet - not even a pink one.

The Constant Gardener said...

aw VP... I feel for you.

If I see a panther of whatever hue I'll send it on over. Or some chocolate biscuits if they arrive first.

VP said...

Chocolate biscuits, yum!

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