Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A lovely pair of melons!

Now boys, that's enough sniggering. I mean the horticultural kind, of course :D

I'm a melon virgin (oh stop it) - so I didn't really expect any results at all. So I was skipping all the way home when I found these in my allotment greenhouse:

One's a lot bigger than the other, and they're both on the small side at the moment, but hopefully they'll both reach a good enough size eventually (oh dear... what is it with double entendre and veg growing?). In the meantime, I've given them a bit of extra support (oh pleeeeease...) with a pair of old tights:

Being a bit of a babe, I only had black tights in the drawer so now I'm worrying they won't allow enough sunlight to get through for ripening. But we'll see.

Now, that's quite enough of that - I'm off to find something more sensible to talk about.


VP said...

I've no melons this year :(

Too cold this year for the cold frame on my plot I fear. But I have managed to grow them the past couple of summers and felt very proud of my 'babies' to boot!

The Constant Gardener said...

Yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of late-summer sunshine or they're not going to ripen. But I'm just so chuffed they've turned up at all...!

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Very funny post! And lovely melons! The black tights add a certain elegance and sophitication--don't you think. LOL. I hope they ripen up for you.

James A-S said...

We have only had Keira Knightley sized melons this year.

Joshua said...

That is amazing. We didn't even get Keira Knightley sized melons. At most they were the size of a pea.

The Constant Gardener said...

lol! Keira Knightley would kill for my melons!

(oh blimey there I go again...)

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