Saturday, May 23, 2009

Technical difficulty...

I've had a technical setback - also known as a senior moment. I've lost my b****** camera cable somewhere between my house and Chelsea so can't upload pictures. The irritating thing is that I'm sure I packed it into my bag before I left, in fact I have a distinct memory of doing so. But then that may have been Thursday. Or indeed Tuesday. They say you lose about 9,000 brain cells a day after the age of 19 (which seems a little young to start on the senility trail, but then I suppose you must have a lot to start with). Right now, I am mourning my lost neurons. What it is to get old.

Delayed last two days of Chelsea will arrive when I've ordered a new one. Harrumph.

1 comment:

emmat said...

young people can lose their camera cables too. Have you ever been on holiday, for example, with my 19 year old brother? :-)
Hope it turns up quick!!!

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