Friday, July 09, 2010

Postcard from Hampton Court: Friday

Hot, hot, hoooottttt..... This is weather the Reflections of Thailand garden was made for. If you go across the bridge and round the back it's lovely and cool and shady in a jungly sort of way: I do like the planting on this garden. Here it's bat plant (Tacca chantrieri) teamed with a spectacular alocasia and a ferny sort of plant which designer James Clarke said he'd grabbed off the trolley to use as a filler. Some filler.
This one won not only the only gold medal in the show (everyone a bit stumped by that: not by the fact that this garden won a gold, but that none of the other large show gardens else did. I thought the judges were pretty harsh this year).... but also Best in Show. Any snide comments about hotel gardens are easily squashed by a closer look at the planting: quite sublime, and for a foodie like me fascinating what with lotus lilies, turmeric, kaffir limes and lemongrass. Fantastic.

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