Friday, December 24, 2010

The 2010 Garden Bloggers' Advent Calendar: December 24

Happy Christmas Eve!

Here without further ado is the very last of the windows to open in your lovely sparkly Garden Bloggers' Advent Calendar for 2010:

So: the first letters gathered from the cultivars of each plant will give you an anagram which unscrambles to reveal the title of a recently-published book, plus the surname of the author.

All you have to do is send the right answer to sally (dot) nex (at) btinternet (dot) com as fast as your fingers can type, and the first one to get the correct answer to me gets a shiny new copy in the mail to put under the Christmas tree (or if things carry on the way they're going, you can open it along with the champagne on New Year's Eve).

I hope you've enjoyed meandering through my favourite garden blogs and posts of the year as much as I have. Happy Christmas to all, and may all your snow-bound gardens melt in time for a spectacular New Year!


Arabella Sock said...

Fiendishly difficult and I don't have a clue what the answer is. Fun trying though. I'm not doing a great deal better with the Radio Times cryptic!

Happy Christmas


The Constant Gardener said...

Ah and there was I thinking I'd made it a little bit easier this year!

Never mind I'm glad to have provided a little Christmas entertainment :D

I am also an addict of fiendishly difficult crosswords and have just failed to complete yet another one. So I feel your pain...

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