Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Postcard from Hampton Court: Carpet bedding is back

The floral (well, green) clock on the wall of summer garden The Wheels of Time (Bronze)

Vertical planting... or carpet bedding?
Another green picture in the Low Cost High Impact garden Summer in the Garden (Silver)

Carpet bedding galore, and all exquisitely executed by the masters of the art at Bournemouth Borough Council's show garden A Very Victorian Fantasy (Silver-gilt) 

Shed roof at The Garlic Farm (gold, and best exhibit in the Growing for Taste marquee)

And more edible carpet bedding, this time from Dobies: Pak choi 'Chuchoi' and 'Rubi' with quite the brightest marigolds I've ever seen


VP said...

I'd spotted that too - it was everywhere. Not only at Hampton Court, Chelsea had quite a bit too - one example has been transferred to Capel Manor.

I wonder if it's partly due to the Jubilee?

The Constant Gardener said...

I hope carpet bedding is back to stay - I think it's wonderful. There used to be a floral clock at Southsea (Portsmouth) - not sure the parks department there can afford it any more but my goodness it was incredible while they had it: we used to go down for a look at it every summer!

Daniel Carruthers said...

I'm sure the jubilee has something to do with the return of carpet bedding. I always think the Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh which put on a fantastic display of carpet bedding - there's even a working clock made from succulents.

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