Monday, February 09, 2009

Little rays of sunshine

Amid all the misery of slush and cold, and now torrential rain and flooding, this is what's keeping me going.

I was given these lovely things at the Garden Press Day in London last week by those nice people at Taylor's Bulbs. They started opening the very next day and are now flooding my dining room with perfume. The variety is 'Jack the Lad' - and they're cheering me up no end.


Alice Joyce said...

I'm pleased to say my husband brought home a similar bounty/bouquet for me...from his little allotment garden. I adore the scent, the strength of it, while he abhors it, but puts up with it.

Plant Mad Nige said...

You are lucky to have made it to the Press Day. There was I, stuck on the A15. Grrrrr! I was at school with two of the Taylor boys and yes, they are nice. In fact Roger Taylor rowed with me in the school First Vlll.

Now, pardon me for being a bit haughty-cultural, but I have deep suspicion for what I call deformed daffs. Double corollas, split corollas, varieties like 'Golden Ducat' are somehow missing the point. The cup, after all, is the fun part of a daffodil. But I'm being ridiculously picky when anything in bloom is welcome at this time of year.

The Constant Gardener said...

It's funny you should say that, as I'm normally extremely sniffy about a) forced flowers - anything produced out of season feels all wrong to me; and b) double flowers - why they're considered an improvement on the original beats me.

However, I'm so pathetically grateful for these particular daffs and their role in lifting me from the black gloom of not being able to do any gardening for two whole weeks that I'll forgive them anything. They're lovely.

PS I'm an ex-rower too. Bow side, no. 7. Does that bring back painful memories?!

Anna said...

A lovely gift to bring home with you :)

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