Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tagging along with VP

Couldn't resist this one - VP has invited everyone to join in with a great meme where you get to fish about in your photo folders and post whatever photo is the fourth photo in the fourth folder that comes up.

So here it is. Funnily enough, it's a garden....

To be more precise, it's The Old Croft, a rather lovely garden on Holmwood Common near Dorking which opens under the National Gardens Scheme. We go there every year because they have a fabby swing hanging on very long ropes from their very large and venerable oak (I think) tree which if you get it going fast enough soars thrillingly over the lake. So the girls have a great time and so do I (not on the swing, I hasten to add - far too vertiginous for me). This is the planting in a boggy bit by the lake - they do a lot of this pink-and-orange colour scheme in that bit of the garden, which sounds horrific but is actually stunning in the sunshine. There's a bamboo maze and a hosta garden and... oh... all sorts of things.

I took the photo as part of an attempt to get a magazine to publish an article on it when I first started writing, back in 2006 (my photo folders really need clearing out). Encouraging noises to begin with but then the ed said no in the end. Not sure if it was me or my photos that put her off!

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VP said...

That's great - the randomness has allowed you to introduce a little known gem to us :)

Back to Elegantissima - I'd normally agree with you re the variegation, but somehow with the shade of the old hedgerow next to what we were given, they lighten up that area in a place that's so shaded, pretty well anything else wouldn't thrive.

Still thinking re the other IDs...

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